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Magnetic Pulser instructions

There are two main biophysical effects had from pulsing. First and most important is the forcing of lymph fluid movement through the main lymph arteries toward where the lymph empties into the bloodstream near the heart. The second effect is the dislodging of microbes from where they are 'stuck' in the body due to electrical attraction. A blast of magnetic energy which creates a pulse of electrical energy in the body tends to break up electrical attractions by equalizing electrical charges. If a microbe and a cell of your body suddenly have equal electrical charges then there is no longer any reason for the microbe to stay there and so it is freed to recirculate back into the bloodstream or lymph system. Many sick people have very sluggish lymph movement and therefore the lymph fluid is somewhat trashy. A good analogy would be the difference between a fast moving stream with clean water and a swamp with stagnant water. To aid the body in the removal of lymph 'trash' that gets dumped into the bloodstream when you start pulsing I recommend taking blood purifying herbs. My favorite is the blood purifying tea with Chaparral and Licorice outlined in Q&A part II. Drink 1-2 cups daily right after pulsing.

Mechanics of Usage

Plug the AC Adaptor into an AC socket and into the Pulser. With one hand hold the cloth covered coil so that the negative north pole side is facing away from your hand. Place the marked side onto your body and turn the power switch of the box ON. Wait for the green ON light to flash, which indicates that the coil just sent out a burst of magnetic energy into you (within 4" of the center of the coil). Then after 1-3 pulses you can move the coil to the next location (4" away) and wait for another flash.

Beginning Usage

Start by using the Pulser just alongside the spine (both sides. 3 pulses each location. pulse from lower back to upper back) to affect the main lymph arteries there. If you get too toxic from junk coming out of the lymph system then skip a day. When the cleansing becomes barely noticeable you can start pulsing the arms and legs also (along the inside which is closest to the lymph arteries). Pulse from the extremities (at wrists and ankles) toward the body trunk. Then when cleansing reactions are very little you can start to also do blood electrification. Pulse at the same time as doing blood electrification.

Intermediate Usage

When you start doing blood electrification you can also start pulsing all of your body to encourage the circulation of microbes (by electrical dislodgement) so they can enter the bloodstream and get zapped by the blood electrifier. To do this just imagine a square grid pattern all over your body of lines crossing every 4 inches. At each one of these intersections is where you'll need to pulse 1-3 times. Do all of the body (head included). On the belly I would recommend only pulsing once at each location so as not to negatively affect the good digestive bacteria inside the intestines.

Precautions: Pregnant women shouldn't pulse within 12" of the fetus because magnetism can interfere with its growth. People with a weak heart, Defibrillator, or Pacemaker should not pulse within 12" of the heart area. Keep box at least 1 foot away from you while it's turned on to prevent high frequency electro-magnetic field exposure. When using on the bed be aware that it will magnetize the bed springs. Therefore you should make sure that the negative side of the coil is always facing up away from the bed towards you when the coil is within 4" of the surface of the bed. This will insure that the bedsprings will be magnetized to emit north pole energy into anyone lying on it which will be beneficial. Keep all magnetic media at least 6" from the pulsing coil when unit is on. Magnetic media includes cassettes, computer disks, plastic cards with magnetic strips, etc. Don't keep Pulser switched on when not using because the flash tube has a limited lifespan. Control the heavy cloth covered coil by handling it and not the wire. The connection there is prone to breaking if bent or pulled too much.