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Questions & Answers - part II

Is it Ok to do blood electrification on babies?Absolutely. Actually they handle the die-off much better than adults since their organs are "fresh" and work really well at cleansing out the resultant garbage from the bloodstream. I've had employees use it on their babies with great success when they were sick.

Is it OK to eventually use the Black Box more than the 1 or 2 hours daily? Yes. 1 or 2 hours daily is an effective exposure time for most infections but if you can handle more time without getting splitting headaches or other cleansing reactions then go for it. Excessive cleansing reactions are your only true limiting factor.

Is it advisable to use the Black Box once or twice a day (splitting up the usage time)? It's OK to do it either way since both have their own advantage.

What is the reason for the 30 hz setting on the Black Box? As a result of testing and analyzing the transfection/frequency graph I determined that 30 hz was more powerful while only having a fraction more transfection than 100 hz. So for most purposes it is now my favorite and most recommended frequency. Usage times for it would be similar to that of 4 hz.

If I'm still getting cleansing reactions after the recommended hours of Black Box usage should I keep using it? Yes. Cleansing reactions are a sure indication that you haven't completed the elimination of all pathogens. If you think you're all clear then use it for 3 hrs daily at 4hz for 3 days and see if you feel worse afterwards. If you don't, then you're finished using it. People with very weak immune systems or liver or kidney dysfunction usually have to use it much longer than recommended. (Also some people who didn't also purchase a Pulser find that they can never finish treatment due to viruses continually reemerging from the untreated lymph system into the bloodstream.)

What about its usage against colds and flu? Once when I caught a flu bug, I used the Pulser all over my body and used the Black Box at 100hz for 3 hours straight each day (switching to other wrist after each hour). It only lasted 1 + 1/2 days! These viruses have a quick life cycle which requires a lot of Black Box usage in order to stop every new generation of them from reinfecting cells.

Is a Rife frequency generator something worth considering instead of blood electrification? For some non-microbial problems, yes. But I prefer the Beck technology over Rife for systemic infections of virus or bacteria. Click here for a customers experience using the Beck, Clark, and Rife technology against microbes.

What if I already feel too toxic to use these devices? You can increase the detoxifying action of your kidneys by drinking the kidney cleansing tea (recommended later) and taking 50mg Silymarin (Milk Thistle extract which detoxes the liver) daily for 3 weeks previous to using the Pulser. Then use the following info.

How do I prevent getting toxic reactions? Eat light vegetarian meals for at least the preceeding 12 hours before device usage, and also for the first 3 days of use. Also drink lots of pure water (especially before Black Box usage), and eat or juice cucumbers or watermelon (both are diuretics). You can also take 1 tsp of Barley Grass Powder in 2-3 oz of water 3 times per day (sip slowly). Barley Grass helps the liver from accumulating too many toxins (dead parasites) and is high in S.O.D., an enzyme which protects all cells from damage by toxins. Start slowly and daily increase the time of device usage for the first few days. If you wake up with a headache then you might want to use the Black Box only 15 minutes that day. Drink 3 cups daily of Blood Purifying Tea for the first week of Pulser usage. (See end of Q&A for recipe.) Take psyllium husks stirred into liquid twice daily to prevent constipation (which can hinder detoxification). Take plant derived digestive enzymes such as Maximizer by R-garden, (1-800-800-1927). It also contains Protease which is really excellent for cleaning up trash in the blood stream because it is a protein digester.

What if I have bad digestion? Before anything else you should do the gallbladder flush which is said to restore proper flow of bile for digestion of fats and proteins. Also start taking a digestive enzyme capsule or acidophilus capsule with each meal to make up for the lack of acidophilus in the intestines due to use of the Pulser. The best vegetarian digestive enzyme I know of is made by Cell Tech (product #501). You can buy it from someone who sells Cell Tech products (they sell mostly blue green algae) or become a distributor by calling 1-800-800-1300. If you take the acidophilus and you feel that the killing of it by the Pulser is leaving your digestion too weak, then stop pulsing your intestines and make sure you take an expensive acidophilus powder with water or fruit juice every morning at least 15 minutes before breakfast. (Also mentally relax while digesting food.)

Will these devices kill worms in the intestines and organs? The Black Box is said to kill or disable worms only in the bloodstream & organs. It is said the Pulser may aid in the elimination of worms from the intestines. To quickly kill worms in the intestines you can try the following herbal remedy for 4 weeks previous to using the Black Box. The most potent product for this is quadruple strength Green (Hull) Black Walnut Tincture. It is available from Clearwater Herbs in Florida at 813-449-0772. This is a greenish colored liquid tincture. Most other Black Walnut tinctures are not green, which means that the hulls were not processed when fresh and are therefore very weak. The dosage is 5 drops in 1/4 cup water with 1/4 tspn powdered vit C stirred in. Take this every morning at least 10 minutes before breakfast. After 7 days, you can take 2 tsp once every week for the remaining 3 weeks. If you have pets, you should give them Black Walnut also (dose by weight). Microscopic protozoan parasites have been successfully eliminated with citrus seed extract and the herb Artemisia Annua. (both are in "Artemesia Forte"). If sensitive to citrus seed extract, then order only "Artemisia Annua".

Should I be concerned about possible intestinal worms? Yes, everybody should who has ever played on dirt, eaten meat, or eaten raw vegetables. Most ancient cultures took something every year to kill intestinal parasites but we think we're too advanced for that nowadays. But guess what? We're not! Almost everybody has some unwanted critters inside them. And to be truly healthy we must be free of all parasites that rob us of needed nutrients and poison us with their wastes.

What is known to work for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? For chronic fatigue of a viral type, Bob Beck recommends that users work up to using the Black Box 2 hours daily for 6 weeks along with using the Pulser on all areas of the body. Then consult a Naturopath to help correct other remaining problems.

Can these devices help eliminate Candida? Blood electrification can eliminate it from the bloodstream but it also needs to be eliminated from the intestines which has been accomplished with 464 hz from our portable Rife unit or any other Rife unit.

What about AIDS? Bob Beck believes from his experiences with helping AIDS patients that anyone who uses his devices 100% as directed will definitely experience remission. He recommends getting a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test (which counts the # of retrovirus DNA/RNA fragments in the blood sample) before Black Box treatment and then 30 days after finishing the treatment (to give the body time to flush out all the deactivated viruses). This test typically costs $60. The standard HIV antibody test is worthless for determining the absence of HIV because once you get infected you will always have HIV antibodies. He says patients should expect their T-cell count to initially drop during treatment and then dramatically rise after a few months to over 200. This is because the virus damaged white blood cells will start to be removed from the system as the immune system will replace the removed ones. Beck claims that if these patients don't also use the Magnetic Pulser that after a few months or years detectable reinfection will occur as a result of the viruses that were in the lymph leaching back into the bloodstream. He also highly recommends using colloidal silver to help prevent opportunistic infections during the treatment period.

Is it true that AIDS patients get worse blood test results within 3 weeks of starting Beck therapy? Yes, after starting this therapy blood tests will show viral counts increasing and CD4 counts (immune cells) decreasing. That is due to lysing (cell wall rupture) of infected (and therefore weakened) immune cells (CD4 cells included) due to exposure to electricity. But those infected cells need to be replaced anyway since they are just viral baby factories. The viral count increases due to baby viruses escaping from within the immune cells as they rupture. But fortunately they are electrified as soon as they leave the ruptured cell and enter the blood plasma. That keeps them from being able to infect other immune cells. So what seems like a disaster is actually just part of the process that is necessary for success (usually within 2 months). Eventually the CD4 counts will be normal and viral counts zero.

What about Ebola and Dengue? They are also viruses with a quick life cycle. If I were infected with Ebola or any of the other quick-kill infectious diseases I would Black Box constantly in order to stop them.

Are your Black Box and Magnetic Pulser endorsed by Beck? No, but they have never been submitted for 'approval'.

Kidney Cleansing Tea Helps dissolves all obstructions in kidneys for more efficient functioning. In 10 cups of pure water soak 2 oz each of Hydrangea, Gravel Root, Marshmallow Root, Fo-Ti. Soak for 4 hours or overnight. Heat to boiling then simmer for 20 minutes. Use a glass pot if available. Boil 4 bunches of fresh parsley in 1 quart of water for 3 minutes. Pour in with herbal tea. Strain out herbs from the tea, put in empty pot and add 6 cups water. Boil and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain and pour this tea into first batch. Add 8 oz pure Black Cherry Concentrate. Divide into 3 containers and freeze 2 of them. (1 container is for 7 days). Keep 1 container in refrigerator. Every day mix 1 tbspn vegetable glycerin with 1 cup tea and drink throughout the day. Take these supplements: Ginger capsules (1each meal), Uva Ursi capsules (1 with breakfast, 2 with supper), Vitamin B6 250mg once daily, Magnesium Oxide 300mg once daily. Drink the tea for 3 weeks. To avoid making new obstructions abstain from drinking tea and cocoa and phosphated beverages (most soda pops). This kidney cleanse should be done twice a year.

Blood Purifying Tea #1

12 cups water, 4 tbsp Echinacea Augustifolia, 1 tbsp Licorice Root, 1 tsp Chaparral.

Bring 3 cups water & Licorice to full boil, turn to low heat, wait 10 minutes, add other herbs, wait 10 minutes, turn off heat. Strain and store in refrigerator. Before drinking add 3 parts water to 1 part tea. To increase sweetness add more Licorice. To decrease bitterness reduce the Chaparral.

Blood Purifying Tea #2

32oz water, 1/8 cup Burdock, 1 tsp Licorice root.
Put herbs in water and bring to boil. Then turn down heat and cook for 15 minuts.
Then turn heat very low and add: 1/4 cup Red Clover, 1 tsp Chaparral.
Cover and cook for 15 minutes.
Drink mostly this all day for very potent blood purification.

Gallbladder Flush

This regimen causes the gallbladder to squeeze out most of its stones and sludge into the intestines. These are what obstructs the normal bile flow from the liver, through the gallbladder, and into the intestines to mix with and digest food. Normal bile flow is essential for digestion and liver purity. Needed: 4 tbspn Epsom Salt, 1/2 cup virgin olive oil, 1 large pink grapefruit, unsweetened apple juice, Psyllium husk powder. Choose a day for the cleanse that will allow you to rest the next day. The day before the cleanse drink plenty of water and limit your intake of animal protein and food made mostly of flour.

Day of Cleanse: Take no unnecessary medicines and vitamins. Drink only diluted apple juice with psyllium husks mixed in, or eat a light breakfast or lunch (no fat, oil, or animal protein).

2 PM No more solid food. The diluted apple juice should not have psyllium husks in it. Mix Epsom salt in 3 cups water. Stir and store in refrigerator. This makes 4 servings of salt water.

6 PM Drink one serving of saltwater. To improve taste add 1/8 tspn vit C powder. Remove the olive oil and grapefruit from the refrigerator.

8 PM Drink another serving of salt water. Get all your pre-bed tasks done.

9:45 PM Pour 1/2 cup olive oil into a pint jar. Juice the grapefruit and add 2/3 cup of its strained juice to the olive oil. You can add the juice of 1 lemon to enhance the taste. Close the jar and shake until watery.

10 PM Drink as much of the potion as you can within 5 minutes. Lie down flat on your back with your head elevated. Stay motionless for 20 minutes.

11 PM Drink diluted apple juice with psyllium husks mixed in. (helpful, but not mandatory step)

Morning Drink a serving of salt water. If you have nausea or indigestion then wait until it leaves before you drink this serving.

2 hours later Drink last serving of salt water. 2 hours later Drink apple juice or other fruit juice.

1/2 hour later Eat some fruit. 1 hour later Eat a light meal.

Hopefully some time during the day after the cleanse you will get diarrhea. When you do, look in the toilet for the gallstones or sludge. If they float then they aren't gallstones which normally sink. Most people will feel a bit sickly for a couple days afterwards so you'll need to plan to take it easy. You can repeat this flush every 2 weeks until you no longer see stones in the toilet. Everyone should do this twice a year following the initial series of flushings.

Recommendations for CFIDS people


Take the following supplements (even during device usage). Don't use a multi-vitamin.

Vit C 500mg 2x daily (or Megafood 250mg 1x daily)

Vit B Complex 25mg 2x daily with first two meals

Vit E 200-400IU 2x daily

Acidophilus Calcium(chelated) 1000mg 1-2 hrs before bed

Seed Oil caps of Black Currant or Flax

L-Carnitine 500mg each meal

Multi-mineral with trace minerals

Zinc (chelated) 25mg daily with breakfast

Magnesium Malate 152mg 3x daily or

Magnesium Orotate 400mg with brkfst

Adrenal Glandular

Thyroid glandular

After finishing Black Box usage take Echinacea Extract 15 drops 3x daily to purify the lymph fluid. Also take Panax Ginseng to stimulate metabolism (if you aren't hypoglycemic), and 30mg daily CoQ10 for energy, and Beta Carotene 10,000IU daily (25,000IU for smokers).

Heavy Metals

If you still have a lot of fatigue after Black Box usage then you might consider getting tested for presence of excess heavy metals in your body. Analytical Research Labs can do a laboratory hair analysis of your bodys levels of 13 major minerals and 6 heavy metals for $55. Just send payment plus 2 tbspn of hair (from the nape of your neck) in a plain paper container to ARL, 8650 N 22nd Ave, Phoenix AZ 85021. Included will be an interpretation of your mineral levels and supplement recommendations that can slowly correct imbalances. For an extra $25 they will include a personal diet plan for you based on the results. Subnormal ratios of sodium to magnesium and potassium to calcium definitely cause adrenal & thyroid underactivity. Research reveals that 40% of CFS people have heavy metal toxicity (primarily aluminum, lead, and mercury) and 77% of them show definite improvement by cleansing it out. Of course, metal dental fillings should be replaced by composites to keep from continuing to absorb mercury from them. Hal Huggins book "Its All In Your Head" tells the correct way for your dentist to do this to prevent getting a high mercury exposure during filling removal. To remove heavy metals you can take Chlorella and MSM (tablets or powder for 3-6 months), take 3-10gm daily of vit C which binds to heavy metals, and rebalance your mineral levels. Chemical toxicity can be cleansed out slowly by taking Blue Green Algae (from Klamath Lake) by Cell Tech or another good company.

Food Allergies

You can test yourself for food allergies that can sap you of energy. Every morning before rolling out of bed or stretching much, feel your pulse by your adams apple and count it for 60 seconds. Then get up, rinse your mouth with water, and eat or drink something you normally take every week. Don't take a belly full of it. Don't bathe with hot water or do vigorous exercise. In 30-60 minutes recline for 5 minutes and then test your pulse again. If it's 6 or more beats per minute more than your morning pulse, this indicates a food allergy and you should avoid the food. The above technique tests only for immediate response allergies. Some allergies take 24 hours to manifest and do not affect the pulse. To test for these you need to add a new food or supplement every 3rd day. Notice how you feel and avoid anything that makes you feel worse.

Parasitic Worm Infestations

For killing the worms of visible size use Green (Hull) Black Walnut Tincture (explained in the Q&A section). Microscopic size parasites are called Protozoans. These infections are very common with CFIDS. Main symptoms are watery stools and abdominal crampy pains but some people show no symptoms despite infection. Kill them before using the Black Box by taking Artemesia Forte. I think everyone should use these two products for a time every year to eliminate all possible parasites they may have acquired that year.